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Urban Homes

Urban Homes

Family Home W11


To create a glamorous home suited to the needs of small children and their parents, we opened out the space right from the front door. A wall was removed (no more dragging buggies up the corridor) and spaces designed for flexible use. The family kitchen is ultra durable, allowing the children free reign during the daytime, but sophisticated enough to host an elegant dinner party.

photographs by Michael Sinclair

Country Home in the City


From the inside, it’s hard to believe this is a central London townhouse. Baked earth, eroded stone, oxidised metal and handmade textiles all contribute to a sense of rootedness in nature. Moving the staircase leading down to the basement pulled the ground floor rooms together, and allowed for a serene and uncluttered kitchen and living space below, looking on to the garden. At the top of the house, the ceiling was raised to the roof, giving the upper levels a soaring sense of space.

photographs by Tom Fallon

Hampstead Home


This five-storey building was converted from a jumble of bedsits into a beautifully proportioned home for long term customers of our salvage warehouse. Huge slabs of bookmatched marble from an old stonemason’s yard, and chevron-patterned mirrors from the Unilever factory bring strong graphic elements into an airy design that gives each member of the family their own distinctively designed zone.

photographs by Nathalie Dinham