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Choose Earth

Choose Earth is a fundraising and storytelling campaign standing with Brazilian indigenous leaders fighting for the future of our planet.

The aim is to raise £150,000 for 64 nominated indigenous leaders across Brazil, and to change narratives about indigenous communities. 

Choose Earth are proud to have collaborated with indigenous activists, storytellers, artists and academics throughout the campaign including renowned indigenous leaders Daiara Tukano, Sônia Guajajara, Narubia Werreria, Gliceria Tupinamba and others.


Why the indigenous leaders need our support:


Facing an extreme human rights, social, and climate justice struggle, indigenous communities across Brazil are under more threat than ever before. 

Our mission is to directly support Brazilian indigenous communities fight for social and environmental justice. By directly resourcing a network of frontline defenders who put their lives at risk to preserve life for all, we are fuelling our own protection.

Choose Earth are hoping to raise £150,000, 100% of which  will go directly to 64 indigenous communities across Brazil. But equally importantly, this campaign is an opportunity to spread an alternative, indigenous-led narrative


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