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Maria shares her kitchen expertise with Laura Jackson

When Retrouvius were asked by Laura Jackson to design her kitchen... our team don't normally take on kitchen projects per se — we lept at the chance to introduce the Retrouvius reuse philosophy to a fresh generation of home makers

In Laura's podcast series "So, How Do You....?" Maria shares our studio's approach to working with salvage and kitchen design

Thank you to Laura for the invitation!

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House & Garden Feature

Our design studio's latest project features in the September issue of House & Garden

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Light on White: Embroidery by Dhahabu Ngumbao Dadu

Set free with threads and fabrics, it was immediately obvious that Dhahabu possessed an innate sense for design. With each visit Kirsten simply continued to teach her new types of stitch and provided more fabric and threads...

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Light On White: Celebrating Summer Light and Natural Forms.

Retrouvius are pleased to present Light on White: an exhibition celebrating summer light and natural forms, featuring work by Kirsten Hecktermann, Dhahabu Ngumbao Dadu and Alvaro Picardo.

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