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Modular 1960s Shelves

1960s modular shelving units made from solid red pine. They are from a recent salvage haul from the demolition of The Cumberbatch Building at Trinity College, Oxford. Would make kitchen, bedroom or study storage. Can be assembled in any formation. 

Multiple shelved small units x 7, £65 each + VAT, W410 x D245 x H440mm
Units with 3 doors x 7 £95 each + VAT, W1065 x H450 x D245mm
Long open unit x 46 £45 each + VAT, W915 x H315 x D170mm
Dumpy open unit x 3 of £45 each + VAT, W690 x H445 x D245mm
Long top shelves of various lengths x 13 of £65 each + VAT, D245 x H20, With Lip 45mm


£45 - £95+VAT each